Abla is a film by Truls Sveningsson that Cinetech was involved in producing together with Mantelpiece.
The film premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2019.

About the film

Director/screenwriter: Truls Svenningsson

Short 14 minutes, drama

Language: Swedish/Turkish

Subtitles: English

Selma lives with her sisters Yagmur, Hazal and Mira. As a big sister (abla) she takes on the role of the anxious guardian for them. Mira needs to free herself and cannot cope with everything being reviewed and enlarged. So on Selma’s birthday, Mira sneaks away to recycle some cans. About friendship and sisterhood told with a lot of warmth.

The director: Truls Svenningsson

Truls Svenningsson is 24 years old, born in Gothenburg but grew up outside Umeå. In co-production with Film in Västerbotten, Truls wrote, directed and produced as 21 year old his first feature film: Tjärnen Näck (2016). 2017 – 2018 Truls worked as a photographer and editor on another feature film: Förgät mig ej (2019). Abla is, after these major projects, Truls first short film.

“In this film I wanted to explore the not so unusual phenomenon of siblings. How dramatic consequences arise from seemingly completely undramatic events. I wanted to investigate how siblings, in their sole capacity of their different lusts, create disputes and misunderstandings. Abla lifts the sibling drama on a more hilarious and almost humorous way in which eight Muslim girls make up the film’s ensemble. I wanted to allow these to be merely friends, sisters and young people without placing them in a larger political agenda.”

If you want to watch or show the film contact Truls Svenningsson. truls@mantelpiece.se